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With Whitify you will whiten your teeth faster than you think! The kit includes all essential elements thanks to which soon you will change your look!

130 $

65 $

You save 50 % ( 65 $)

Lowest price in 30 days 65.00 $

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Refill kit

3 Whitify refills are the perfect option for a longer whitening treatment. Each syringe contains 3 ml of the gel. It is the best solution for people who already use the Whitify kit and want to have even whiter teeth. Order a minimum of 2 units and enjoy free shipping!

35 $
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Whitify Carbon - 16.00 $ 35.00 $

Reach for much more! Use the power of the activated carbon and get a snow-white smile that everyone will envy you. This unique toothpaste removes discolourations from coffee, tea, wine or cigarettes. By using it regularly, you will strengthen the whitening effects. You will gain a beautiful smile and even more self-confidence!

Buy Whitify Carbon with Whitify System, and save 19 $

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Special Offer

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Special Offer
Start a new life with a beautiful smile! Get rid of the bad smell, exhausting cough, breathlessness and thin wallet!
Nicotine Free is a food supplement in the form of capsules that will help you quit. You will feel no nicotine craving and other nagging problems associated with smoking withdrawal: increased appetite, irritation and headaches.
Nicotine Free guarantees:
  • no nicotine craving
  • no irritation
  • no weight gain
  • stop smoking and save money

This offer is available to you only here and now. Get Nicotine Free 16 $ off!

40 $
24 $
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Add Nicotine Free
to your order

I had enough of smoking. It bothered me that I have to spend money or do breaks between my work and have a smoke. The fact that I did not decide about myself annoyed me the most. The addiction controlled my life. That is why I have decided to do something about it. My first 2 tries were with products advertised on TV, both ended in failure. I could not handle the need to smoke. Nicotine Free was different. I have practically felt the difference immediately. Each day the need to have a smoke was smaller. Day by day I have smoked fewer cigarettes. Eventually, it happened. There came a day when I did not smoke even one cigarette. 93 days have passed since that moment. I did not smoke at all during that time and I feel great physically. I’m so proud of myself that I have regained the control over my body.


Special Offer
We have something else for you. Make sure your body has the right magnesium level! This mineral contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue, helps muscles to function properly, helps maintain healthy bones and teeth, and has many other important functions!
Add N°1 Magnesium Mg – a formula that contains 178 mg of magnesium per daily serving – to your order!
№1 Magnesium Mg:
  • easily assimilated form of magnesium
  • important mineral for the body
  • simple composition

With this offer, which you can see only once, N°1 Magnesium Mg will be yours 5 $ cheaper!

20 $
15 $
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Add to my order!

“My body was giving me clear signs that something was missing from my diet. Muscle tremors, cramps and lack of energy made me reach for N°1 Magnesium Mg. The solid dose of magnesium made me feel good again.”


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