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Whiten your teeth in 6 days! Do it yourself at home, without the help of a dentist!

Whitify kit contains all elements essential to effective, safe and fast teeth whitening – after just a few days, you will smile brightly to the whole world! :)

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Whitify will make your smile brighter thanks
to its completely safe whitening gel.

The kit includes an LED lamp that activates the gel ingredients and boosts the whitening process. All you need is 6 days to change your smile!

The gel contains, for example, refined soda. Natural extracts such as aloe leaf juice or pomegranate seed extract protect teeth against bacteria. Menthol freshens breath.

Our gel does not contain hydrogen peroxide, which is frequently used in other similar products. This is a very strong substance and can negatively affect tooth enamel. We have decided to use only safe but equally effective ingredients.

Smile… without discolourations!

Cigarettes, coffee, tea, red wine. You will no longer have to worry that these things can ruin your teeth colour! Whitify will remove all the discolourations. Finally, you will be able to enjoy your favourite coffee or tea without feeling guilt...

You don’t have to go to the dentist.

No one likes going to the dentist. Luckily, Whitify has been created for you to gain a white smile:

  • without leaving your home
  • stress-free
  • cheap
  • without teeth hypersensitivity

Why it is worth using Whitify?

Whitify does not only make your smile bright. This is an investment. You invest in good looks that will help you achieve success much easier. You invest in greater self-confidence that will allow you to realise your dreams. You simply invest in yourself.

no more shame because of your teeth colour

gain new
attractive look

wide and
bright smile!

Try it out!

Whitify kit includes:

  • a whitening gel
  • an elastic mouthpiece
  • an LED lamp for faster results
  • a teeth whitening progress tracker
  • a manual
Whiten your teeth!

Why is it worth using Whitify?

Spend only 15 minutes per day and forever enjoy your new bright smile!

Whitify is very easy to use! It is only 5 simple steps! Do them for 6 days and change your smile!

  • 1Wash your teeth and rinse mouth.
  • 2Connect the lamp with the mouthpiece. Add a small amount of the whitening gel to the mouthpiece. The gel should cover only your teeth, not gums.
  • 3Place the mouthpiece on your teeth and turn on the lamp. If the gel touches gums, remove it.
  • 4Keep the mouthpiece in your mouth for the duration of one session, i.e. 15 minutes. In that time you can do whatever you like, exercise, watch TV, work at the computer.
  • 5Remove the mouthpiece and rinse it, then wash your mouth thoroughly, disconnect the lamp from the mouthpiece.

That’s it! Each time you look into the mirror you will notice how your smile becomes whiter!

Recommended by experts

“I am a dentist with a 20-year experience. I am constantly learning and improve my qualifications. Through the years many things have changed and discoveries crop up all the time. Recently at a symposium in Germany, I have discovered Whitify, i.e. a teeth whitening kit that you can use yourself at home. I have tested it and I was positively surprised by the results! Whitify is more effective than a whitening treatment at the dentist. What is more, it is cheaper and causes no side effects! Nowadays, I am using Whitify at my dentist office and I recommend it to all my patients.”

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Safe payment methods and fast delivery

Your privacy is our top priority. Of course, we do not share your personal information and the ordered goods are delivered in an ordinary box that does not reveal its content. The parcel is sent within 24h during working days, directly to your address.

Frequently asked questions:

This should not happen. Whitify has been designed to provide you with a white smile without making your teeth too sensitive. Keep in mind that everyone is different and some people may feel a little uncomfortable. It is normal.
Yes! Whitify effectively helps get rid of all discolourations.
Whitify can handle slight and medium discolourations caused by tetracyclines. However, we do not recommend using the product with heavy tetracycline discolourations.
The gel contains the best whitening ingredients, which are safe and delicate. Natural extracts, such as pomegranate seed extract, have teeth protective properties. Aloe leaf juice has bactericidal properties. Menthol freshens breath. The full list of ingredients: PROPYLENE GLYCOL, GLYCERIN, AQUA, SODIUM BICARBONATE, XANTHAN GUM, ALOE BARBADENSIS LEAF JUICE, CARBOMER, CITRIC ACID, MENTHOL, ANTHEMIS NOBILIS FLOWER OIL, PUNICA GRANATUM FRUIT EXTRACT, SODIUM CHLORITE, ROSMARINUS OFFICINALIS EXTRACT.
Use Whitify for 6 subsequent days, each day for 15 minutes.
You can buy the gel refills at our shop.
The lamp enhances the whitening properties of the gel. The gel itself is enough to provide you with the expected results, but the lamp will significantly boost the process. The lamp is completely safe, so if you want to see the results faster we strongly recommend you to use it.
The lamp is battery-powered. They are inside the lamp. Before the first use, remove the plastic that separates the battery.
No, only the gel has teeth whitening properties.
It all depends on you. Use it again once you think that your teeth need whitening again. Our customers repeat the process once every 3-6 months.
No, our product does not contain fluoride.
Unfortunately no, Whitify does not whiten dental crowns, implants or any other type of artificial teeth.
No, we do not recommend it.
Of course. Fillings are not a problem when it comes to the use of Whitify.
Yes, you should wash your teeth after each time you use Whitify.
Your privacy is our top priority. The product is packed in an ordinary box, which does not reveal its content. The ordered goods will be delivered directly to your address.
We process orders within 24h during working days. The parcel will be delivered to you via a reputable courier company.
Yes, however this payment method is only available in selected countries.
Yes, we ship our products worldwide.
  • Does not cause teeth sensitivity
  • Safe for enamel
  • Whiter teeth by a few tones in 6 days
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